Best Gifts For Toddlers

Gifts for toddlers fall into two categories, ones that are played with for only a few minutes and the ones that make to the list of favourites. But how can you conclude which gift will be cherished forever and which will be forgotten at the bottom of the toy storage box?

The best toddler gifts are more than just fun and cute. They should be durable, age-appropriate and encourage them to learn, in the most pleasant way possible, of course!

This foolproof gift guide will get you high fives from little tots!

toddler sitting down in a red outfit opening gift

Activity learning table

Home learning is the new normal; the kids might want to get in on the act. An activity desk comes with a lot of features like a clock to tell time, a compartment to keep crayons, and a clock to keep track of time. Little ones will treasure the learning features, which illuminates pictures for them to learn or colour.

kids learning table and chair

Toddler slide

Add some adventure into a toddler’s life with a slide that can bring the excitement of the playground to the home. Kids would love sliding into a rug or a pile of pillows. Be prepared for your child to never want to end playtime.

kids slides – a boy sliding down the slide and a girl laughing

Chunky Button game

Chunky buttons that snap in and out of brightly coloured activities aim to increase hand-eye coordination, expand fine more skills, and support creative play. This game is specially designed for toddlers and is sure to provide hours of fun,

baby girl playing button game

Kitchen Set

When searching for a toy for a toddler, pretend play toys are the best place to start

A colourful and sturdy kitchen set is good enough to challenge the tools you have in your kitchen. Little chefs can make pretend treats, slice the loaf of bread, cut the pizza for sharing or have a blast baking up a batch of cupcakes.

kids kitchen set

Modelling clay

Help your favourite little artist in training learn the basics of clay art. The colourful modelling compound can be shaped into different creations.  They can also be air-dried so that kids can take their clay-crafting to the next level.

modelling playdo

Interactive doll

Get ready for nonstop interactive play for kids of every age. Young ones will love learning to take proper care of a lifelike doll that eats sleeps and cries like a real baby.

girl playing with her baby doll

Toy piano

This is an ideal gift for budding young musicians. Toddlers will learn about basic tunes, rhythm,and other techniques while dancing and singing along with this piano which is sure to be the most epic toddlers’ gift ever.

toddler playing the piano


Wooden Stacking toys

Open-ended toys that are not bound to one kind of play make a wonderful gift for toddlers. They will not only grab a curious child’s attention but also provide hours of play.

boy playing wooden blocks

Baby room accessories

To a child, their room is their safe space, and they love to organize, personalise and decorate it to make it more exciting. Tiny vinyl stickers that create fun and exciting patterns make the absolute cutest gift for kids.

nursey room decor


Mini Backpacks 

Short trips to the shops and parks will become a lot more fun with a small easy to carry backpack made to fit tiny shoulders. Some can even be personalised with names or initials.

toddler walking in the mud wearing a back pack

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