How To Plan An Amazing Baby Shower

When you have a little bundle of joy on the way, and it’s nearly time to meet them, there is so much to look forward to. With the impending arrival of a new family member what better way to pamper the new mum to be and celebrate the arrival of a new family member than with the perfect baby shower.

                    Baby Shower

Before the birth, a baby shower is an ideal opportunity to connect loved ones to share in the joy with gifts, exciting games, and common goodwill. Of course, as the host of the baby shower, the whole idea of planning can be overwhelming.

With this ultimate guide, we take you through each step of planning a baby shower. Let’s get this party started!

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Decide who will host the baby shower

The party can be hosted by anyone close to the mum-to-be. That means a family member, a friend, a co worker, sister, sister in law or an aunt. Extra hands can come in handy, so if it is too much for one person to take on, consider hosting the shower as a group

Choose a time and date

Consult with the mum to be to choose a date and time for her party. Usually, showers are held when the expectant mum is about 7 to 8 months pregnant. This time frame will also give her time to sort through her presents, set up her nursery, organize things and decide what she will need to purchase before the little one arrives.

Decide on a location

Consider the time of the year, budget, number of guests, and what the mum-to-be would love. Hosting a shower at the home of the host or the mum-to-be is private and intimate. If the guest list is large, consider a restaurant, café, or party venue. Scenic outdoor locations like parks or lakesides can be a good option if you’re hosting a shower in the summer season.

Pick a theme

Deciding a theme for the shower is one of the first steps of planning any baby shower, you don’t have to have one, but if you think the mum-to-be would love it, choose a theme that reflects her favourite things as well as her personality. If you know the sex of the coming baby, you could plan a fun theme around it.

Here are some theme ideas:

Kittens and cubs, Jungle theme, Magical Fairytale, Superhero saga, Princess land, Sweet animal party

Plan the menu

Keep the menu light and flavourful that meshes with the guest of honours taste. Try savoury tarts, salads, mini sliders, quiches, fried wings, salsa, stuffed mushrooms, and pasta dishes.

Consider serving mocktails since the guest of honour (or any other pregnant woman) at the shower won’t be drinking alcohol.

Help mum to be with the baby registry

A baby registry helps guests to know what they can gift any mum to be that she will be thankful for. A registry typically includes important things the baby needs such as basic supplies like nappies, wipes, and clothes or unique gifts for the mum to be including our Mummy to be Bracelet  

                 Mummy to Be Bracelet

Seal the day with party favours

As a “thank you for coming” you could send your guests home with a little memory of the special day. Consider homemade cookies or candles in the shape of baby footprints, cute cupcakes, bubble bath or soap with a custom label honouring the date of the shower, or a delightful jar of chocolates.

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