All You Need to Know for Preparing Your Baby Nursery

There are many firsts on the path to parenthood - the first positive pregnancy test, or when you see your little one for the first time in an ultrasound! There is something exceptional about preparing your baby nursery, something that makes the whole journey seem real. As you embark on creating something special to welcome your bundle of joy, here are some helpful tips.

                               Baby Nursery


There are four main pieces of furniture in a baby nursery - the cot, a dresser, a chair or sofa, and a changing table. An important factor that will influence your selection, other than your budget, is how long you want to use them.

                           Baby Nursery

You may be planning to expand your family further, and reuse the same nursery, or you may want pieces that can be used in a toddler’s room too. Convertible cots are a great option for baby sleeping, and these can adjust according to your child’s growth.

Some changing tables can be converted into storage units or dressers. Oh, and make sure all baby essentials, like nappies, wipes, dummies, etc. are within reach of your changing table.


While selecting a theme for nursery decor, try to not go overboard with the theme. You can select a neutral palette for the primary furniture and then build on this with some great lighting, wallpaper stickers, fun animal pillows, and colourful blankets.

                         Baby Nursery Decor                 

                         Baby Nursery Decor

Choosing a soft palette for nursery decor will create a calm, cosy, and non-stimulative space for your baby. Washable wallpapers are also a great option for your baby’s first pee spray!


This can be a chair, rocker, or sofa; and is a baby nursery must-have. For comfort during late-night feedings, chairs with cushions or padded armrests will help you feel more comfortable. A rocker can be great for baby sleeping, as the movements will calm your little one down.

                       Baby Nursery Chair


Choosing a furniture layout doesn’t mean that you’ve to follow the principles of Feng Shui! The layout of the baby nursery should be all about ensuring comfort, safety, efficiency, and sleep. 

While preparing your nursery for baby, position the crib and changing table away from windows, and try to avoid external walls if possible. This is because, in extreme climatic situations, the walls can become quite cold, and sometimes even damp.

Also consider the lighting patterns in the room - sunlight during the day, and artificial lights like street lamps at night. Direct light can make your baby uncomfortable, and can adversely affect their sleeping patterns


Babies are tiny, but baby items will take up plenty of room! Have a lot of functional storage space while preparing your nursery for baby, so you can easily tuck things away after using them.

                     Baby Nursery Storage

This will also ensure that you don’t have too much clutter, for you will be going back and forth with the baby, and you wouldn’t want to trip. For safety, anchor all dressers, shelves and other large furniture pieces to the wall, or have someone install anti-tip devices.


Preparing your nursery for baby is a magical time, and with these steps, it will be stress-free. Nursery decor should be calm, soothing, and minimal. There are some great options at Carino Bambino where you can select fun wallpaper stickers, cushions, and adorable clothes!

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