The best newborn baby gifts that will go down a treat with new parents

When you have just stepped into the parenting game it can all be a bit tough at first, and while it may look like they have got everything sorted for the new baby, chances are a gift will not only make them smile but could also be a game-changer for them---whether it’s a swoon-worthy baby bath robe they’d never have bought themselves or something to make life with their littlest love a tad bit easier. Read on to view some of the cutest toys, the softest blanket, and a handy activity gym that we have rounded up in this blog that are sure to delight that little munchkin, too.

baby in a brown swaddle

 Musical Toys

Research shows that when young children play with musical instruments it can be very valuable to their development. Including, supporting sensory development, enhancing their hand eye coordination, building motor skills and accelerated brain development.

baby playing with xylophone

Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Swaddles can keep the baby cozy and warm and also mimic the feeling of the womb. Swaddling helps the baby fall asleep easily and stay asleep. Infants can startle themselves while they’re sleeping but a swaddle helps them feel comfortable and secure. If you don’t know which swaddle to gift, muslin swaddles are a great place to start. They are super soft, shrink resistant, and durable. They can also be used as a blanket or for cuddle time with mama.

baby in a swadlle blanket

Soft Baby Blankets

Baby blankets are snuggly soft and comfortingly cosy and are essential whether used inside or on the go. Ideal for tucking a little one into a pram, getting them settled in their basket or cot or just coddling them in your arms.

baby lying on bed with a white blanket

Play gym

A multipurpose gift that lets new parents stay hands-free for some time, giving them a safe space to put the child down while they take a short break. A baby play gym is super soft and colourful and comes with activities like rattles and musical plush toys.

baby playing in his play gym

A cute set of baby booties

A cute pair of stylish and comfy baby booties are the sweetest gifts for little ones who cant’ walk but need their style game to be on point. Trendy booties with cute patterns and colours will surely put you at the top of the list of cutest newborn gift-givers

 baby booties knitted pattern

 A soft cuddle toy

A soft toy is a timeless gift. They are incredibly popular becoming baby’s favourite snuggle buddy. You can find super soft fabrics which will sooth the baby and feel gentle against their delicate skin.

baby lying down with her white bunny soft toy

Baby Dressing Gown

There is a sea of baby dressing gowns out there that will keep little ones snug and cosy during bath time, sleep time, and fun days at home.

baby lying down with white dressing gown with bunny ears

Baby Bandana Bibs

Curators of excellent baby registries know to add dribble bibs  to the list of newborn must-haves. Neckerchiefs that are generously sized and absorbent are ideal for older babies as well to hold spills and mushy food.

 baby sitting down being fed with a spoon and wearing a yellow bib

Baby Nursery Décor

Gifting items for a baby’s nursery décor can be a great idea. You may have no trouble choosing from a wide selection of things available online such as storage bags, milestone cards, wooden blocks, picture frames, wall stickers, blankets, etc.

pregnant mother standing by cot holding her pregnant stomach

White noise machine

By gifting new parents a white noise machine, you are basically presenting them with a magic wand for a good night's sleep during the early newborn phase. White noise and shushing sounds are comparable to what the babies heard in the womb which helps provide them with a similar environment that brings comfort that will put them back to sleep.

white noise machine for baby


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