Gift Ideas For Mummy To Be

If there is someone who deserves to be spoiled rotten, it’s an expectant mum. You want to celebrate her with support, hugs, and of course some useful presents. Being pregnant and bringing a new life into the world is tiring on all accounts so to make her journey to motherhood as smooth as possible we have some  interesting and useful gift ideas for a mummy to be that will surely put a smile on her face.

Pregnant women lying down with a cup of tea in her hand

A Take Me Home Set

Give a mama to be something thoughtful for her little one! A cute little gift box to bring the baby home from the hospital is just right to get her a lot more excited to welcome her sweet pea into the world.

These often include, baby booties, teethers, muslins and milestone cards.

welcome baby gift box with baby booties, muslin and teethers

A Piece of Jewellery

Jewellery is something that is always well received and loved, so surprise the soon to be mum with a necklace or dainty bracelet she will cherish for years.

Postnatel Care Kit


 Postnatel Care Kit

 A postnatal  recovery kit is an exceptional gift for a new mum because it is something she doesn’t think about but will definitely need later. A set that contains cooling pads, stretchy underwear, witch hazel-infused liner pads, multivitamins, and a cooling spray will help her recover after having a baby.

mother lying down on bed with her baby sleeping on her

A sweet congratulations bracelet

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is the birth announcement itself. If you looking for a beautiful gift to congratulate a pregnant loved one, something like this dainty mummy-to-be bracelet could be a lovely choice. This adjustable bracelet is made with a waxed cotton cord tied to two little footprints and is presented on a card with a heartfelt message of happiness for the new mama to be.

mummy to be bracelet

Maternity Belt

So much of the baby’s weight and a growing body can cause havoc on her back. A supportive maternity belt that smoothly cradles and lifts the belly to relieve pressure can help mum to get a better night’s sleep.

pregnant women stomach with a maternity belt holding a heart

Hospital Bag Essentials

A soon-to-be mum could use a hospital bag that is packed with postpartum essentials such as fuzzy socks, a nice guidebook, a nursing dress, nipple cream, a lightweight romperpostnatal recovery tea, organic breast pads, mesh undies and so much more.

pregnant women standing with a black hospital bag

A Hands-Free Pumping Bra

A bra that allows the new mum to make dinner, play with the baby and get some rest? Yes, please! A pumping bra can keep breastfeeding mum hands-free giving her the valuable gift of extra time.

women with a hands free pumping bra and a black pumping bra on display

A Pampering Set

Nine long months of carrying a baby and hours of delivery..too much work right? They deserve  a treat to relax and recuperate. Bring the spa to her by gifting a pampering set that includes body oils, bath salts, moisturizing cream, face masks, lip scrub, and an aromatherapy candle to set the mood.

woman pampering herself with face mask and cucumber on her eyes, hair in a towel holding a drink relaxing

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