How to dress your baby for this winter

The parkas and baby hats and scarves are coming out, and cheeriness is in the air. However if you are a parent and you have mustered the courage to take your little darling out in the cold there is probably something else on your mind besides holiday excitement.                              

How to make sure your baby is appropriately dressed for the weather so they have a cosy head and toasty toes?


Baby Dressed In Hat OutsideWhether the temperature dips to minus or it’s in the triple digits, lucky for you we know more than a few things about babies and how to prepare them for any weather scenario. Here’s how to keep your baby warm in the winter.

Think Of Layers             

Baby In Cardigan

When it comes to winter baby clothes, layering is key. Layers provide admirable insulation and can be removed or added, for example, snowsuits are handy for long periods when the temperature is freezing cold, but adding and removing layers is the best thing to do, when say, you are in transit. The rule of thumb for winter baby clothing is to put babies and children in one more layer of clothing than a parent would wear in the same weather condition. So if you are in a shirt, sweater and a coat, your baby might need a thin onesie, a long sleeves shirt, a sweater or a sweatshirt and a jacket or a snowsuit. Don’t forget the feet, hands and the head.

But not too many layers

You might be tempted to out your baby in the cutest little woollen winter coat but remember layering your child with too many outerwear can actually make them colder. Younger babies dressed in too many layers are at greater risk of overheating.

Go for natural fibres


Baby In Cosy Two Piece

Natural fibres have a wonderful feel, which is indispensable for your little peanuts comfort level. Baby knitwear made out of cotton, wool, hemp are great for winter and help to maintain body heat. These fabrics keep moisture off the skin and have high breathability.

Baby Head, Hands and Toes

Baby In Leggings

Coming down to the really cute bit, besides making babies look absolutely delectable; hats, mittens and socks can protect babies from the cold and frigid wind of winter. It is really important to keep your baby’s head warm in winter because they can lose a considerable amount of heat through their heads. Thick socks or leggings are key to keeping everything warm and toasty on cold days.

Winter bedtime

Baby in sleep bag

It is good idea to keep your child’s bedroom on the cooler side, not warmer. most of the time, it is completely okay to dress your baby in their sleeping suit but if you are using a sleeping bag, make sure to check the manufacturers approval for winter thickness.  Babies can overheat if their room is too hot or because there is too much clothing or bedding.

If you are co sleeping with your little cuddler, they are benefiting from the extra warmth of your body too.

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