Baby's First Party Ideas

Congratulations, your baby has officially hit the one-year mark which means you successfully endured a year of growth spurts, lots of crying episodes, and a ton of sleepless nights. Your baby entering toddlerhood is a joyous occasion, and, one to be celebrated, and although your sweet pea won’t remember her first birthday bash, you sure will. 

Don’t forget to dress your little ones in the perfect outfit or baby party dress for the occasion,

 Steal our tips and tricks to celebrate the fantastic year of growth, change, and lots of love in style. Here is how you can plan a one-derful first birthday bash for your little one.

Happy celebrating! 

first birthday balloons and party decorations

Planning a party at home

If you have a big enough space and you have a small budget, throwing the birthday party at home could be a nice option. Your baby will be more comfortable in his surroundings and can even nap if tired.  Here are some birthday theme ideas that you can successfully pull off at home.

It is fun to bee- one!

A cute little honey bee theme will get everyone buzzing. Incorporate lots of sweet treats made out of honey and decorate your house with lots of bees and hives

bee cake party table decorations

Alice and the rabbit in one-derland

This is the perfect theme for your little girl. Invite your guests to enter the rabbit hole and get enchanted with all the whimsical details of the Alice in one-derland tea party.

flower table decorations

Bob the One-der builder

If you have a big outdoor space, why not try Bob the builder theme? Find a background with trucks and building material and use wooden boxes for tables. 

For dessert, try a toolbox-inspired cake.

And for older kids why not get all the ingredients for them to “build their own sandwich”     

snack food on a table, tomato, cucumber, cold meat, sandwiches

Gift ideas for a one-year-old

Should you pick something fun, sweet, or sentimental?  Here are some of our favourite gift ideas for girls and boys

Stacking toys

baby boy with building blocks toy

A Backpack

Gifts don’t necessarily have to be toys. Cute, fun backpacks make another outstanding first birthday gift.

a baby girl with back pack

Animal themed backpack celebrates your newly minted toddler in style. Or why not get a personalized backpack with your little one's names or initials.

Food Bowls

We know how little ones can be fussy eaters so why not get a fun yet practical gift to make eating time more of a joy for you and them!

baby sitting in chair, eating & smiling

There are lots of fun and cute bowls and plates specifically for toddlers – in different shapes and colours. This will also encourage them to feed themselves.

baby plates with food

Musical Bath toys

One-year-olds love the sensation, sound, and look of water. Bring playtime to your kid’s bath with a cute little Musical bubble bath toy. We love how they come in a bunch of cute animal shapes and colour.

baby bath toy – music


Soft Toys

Aside from providing a sense of comfort soft toys can also help little one develop their social skills. Because pretend play encourages them to interact with other people, soft toys can help them to develop language and communication skills.

girl sitting on soft with big soft toys – lion, monkey, elephant

Birthday party menu

What’s a birthday party without food? Your baby’s first birthday bash is a great opportunity to swoon your guests with some tasty snacks. Sure you could arrange a barbeque, but that is a lot more work for the host (yeah, you).  Your Childs first birthday party will feel a lot less chaotic if you keep the menu sweet and simple with snacks and finger foods.

You can also make things exciting by serving fun-shaped snacks because little ones love creativity, such as snuggly kitty pizzas and devilled egg chicks. You can also use cookie cutters for biscuits, cheese platters, sandwiches, and even cupcakes

birthday snacks, gingerbread man, mini pizza

Game ideas

A soft play area is a fun and safe place for babies and toddlers to gather and have the time of their lives while bigger kids are easy with games like musical chairs, or pass the parcel.


kids laughing and playing with soft ball on floor

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